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Liquid Waste Removal in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area

When liquid waste backs up into your home or business, it’s not a pretty sight – or smell. Whether it’s oil, water, or raw sewage, it’s unpleasant. That’s where we come in, and we like to think we shine at liquid waste removal in Richmond Hill.

24 Hour Emergency Services and Rapid Call-Back Times

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time. Call us immediately for your liquid waste needs anytime and our crew will get to work eliminating the problem and helping you get back to your life or job. We specialize in the following services:

  • Providing Mainline Camera Inspection
  • High Pressure Sewer Flushing
  • Oil and Sand Interceptors
  • Liquid Waste Removal
  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Catch Basin

Have Your Septic Tank in Richmond Hill Pumped

Whether you need a routine pumping or are experiencing an emergency with your septic tank in Richmond Hill, John Knox Pumping Service has you covered. No matter your septic needs, give us a call today and our crew will be to your property or residence promptly.

High Pressure Sewer Flushing in Richmond Hill

If you’re a restaurant owner or the owner of any other business that produces a high volume of waste material, you understand the importance of high pressure sewer flushing in Richmond Hill. All the waste that drains into the sewer creates the buildup of mineral deposits, grease, sludge and other debris that can cause major blockages. To avoid that issue, be sure to call John Knox Plumbing Service today to schedule a service appointment.

Our Commitment
For over 26 years, John Knox Pumping Service Ltd. has been cleaning waste and providing pumping services in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. With top of the line equipment and years of experience, our services are of superior quality. We are committed to providing the excellence you expect at any dirty job you throw at us. Our license from the Ministry of Environment proves we play by the book, but that licence isn’t what makes us want to do a good job for each one of our customers − we do a good job because that’s what we expect from ourselves.

Whether you need your septic tank pumped or an emergency liquid waste removal in the York region or anywhere in the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Pickering, Newmarket, Burlington or Hamilton, we’re standing by, ready to put all of our experience and training at your service. We’re proud of our efforts to keep our environment safe, and we’re just as proud of our excellent customer service.